Here's what professionals had to say after being part of the integration process:

"This is by far the (most) approachable and helpful team you may ever encounter. They have the knowledge and ability to take a really complex subject and make it comprehensive and fun to learn. They will make you laugh, cry, and stretch your knowledge. I highly recommend that your community engage in this opportunity to transform hearts and minds to better serve our most vulnerable populations." - State Coalition Advocacy Specialist

"In my 35-years working in the substance abuse treatment field, the (integration process) was a highlight of my career. Going through all the training modules, sharing information and putting it to good use. After 10 years, we still have both (victim advocacy agencies) as part of our treatment schedule and increased our number of weekly gender specific groups. Thank you for all of your good work." -Substance Abuse Treatment Supervisor

"Two passionate women with a lot of experience sharing their knowledge and talent!" -Domestic Violence Advocate

"You have been such a great resource for our agency! Our work has changed so much for the better in the past 10 years and you have been a force in that. Thank you for all of your work!" -Domestic Abuse Program Supervisor

"Without the (integration process) we would not have taken time to do these trainings or meet with our partners. Thank you for your leadership- our clients are benefitting!" -Domestic Abuse Advocate

"When I started the (integration process), I did not want to work with survivors who used. I believed in all the stigma. But once I started working in treatment groups, I started seeing things from their perspective. I started to understand why they used and how I can help. My perspective has completely changed." -Sexual Assault Advocate

Conference participants enjoy Barb and Megan's presentations:

"Barb's presentation was the best training I have had in my 20 years as an advocate." -Native Women's Society of the Great Plains participant

"I had a 'duh' moment during Ms. Jones' presentation. In retrospect, this program seems so obvious! Ms. Jones is obviously knowledgeable and passionate about this. What a joy!" -Substance Use Disorder Counselor

"This was an amazing conference. You did a great job and am honored to be here." -Victim Service Advocate

Light bulb moments occur leaving participants wanting more:

"I had a revelation today. We do a good job working in drug treatment centers and not working with doing treatment in shelter. We need to work harder making this a two-way street."

"You had far too little time to address much. Presenters appeared knowledgeable, enthusiastic and committed. I would give an entire weekend- or seminar format that would run over several weeks. Overall a wonderful idea- just not near enough time."

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