About Us

Barb Rindels-Rasmussen began her work as a victim service advocate in 1992, providing client services such as advocacy in domestic violence and sexual assault, crisis counseling and legal advocacy. Barb worked with Bill Downs on researching the co-occurrence of domestic violence and substance use from 1997-2001 and subsequently was a co-founder of the Iowa based service integration project that ran from 2001-2018.

Megan B. Jones has her bachelors and masters degree in Social Work. She has been in the human service field since 1999, working primarily in the fields of domestic violence, substance use disorders and mental health. Megan is a licensed independent social worker (LISW) and certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor (CADC). She partnered with Barb and Bill in their research and service integration project in 2001.

As a team

Working on a multidisciplinary team of professionals, Barb and Megan accomplished much:

· Developed, implemented and researched a protocol to support trauma and substance use treatment centers to enhance and integrate services.

· Wrote three manuals reflecting this protocol and strategies for collaboration.

· Presented in numerous conferences and provided technical assistance at the state, national and international levels.

· Provided community organization leadership, trainings and technical assistance to 42 domestic violence, sexual assault and substance abuse treatment agencies in Iowa, covering 83 of its 99 counties.

· Provided targeted technical assistance that examined safety and sobriety in all levels of care, including policy and procedures.

· Provided targeted training and technical assistance for a state coalition using the Iowa Model they developed.

· Conducted and participated in three research studies to understand the connection between use and trauma and how to assist agencies in providing integrated service for this population.

· Written and published 6 scholarly articles and one article for Counselor magazine.

· Was highlighted as a “Promising Practice” by the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health.

· Part of the team that won the 2014 Iowa Behavioral Health Association Award for Excellence.


See our team vita for a full list of professional publications and presentations.


We made a promise to the women who participated in our research project that their stories of heart wrenching pain and inspiring resilience would make a difference in the services they and others received. Join us in our mission to making a positive, relevant and sustainable change in your community.

our mentor and colleague

Patti Bland left an indelible mark in the field of integrating care for survivors who misuse substances. We are so grateful and honored to have worked closely with her for 14 years, her guidance and support helped us shape our endeavours. Our deepest hope is that we continue to honor her through our work.