NIJ Report

The research that started it all! Not a short read, but if you would like to review the full report of our original research project in 2001, you will find it here.

AREA Grant Final Report.pdf

AREA Grant Research

A follow up study we conducted on the extent of collaborative services after the Iowa Model was instituted in various susbstance use disorder and victim service agencies and ideas for furthering collaboration from both clients and staff.


Family Disruption

Our article examining the relationship between experiencing childhood abuse, intimate partner violence and alcohol misuse.

fathers article.pdf

Depression, Anxiety and Trauma in adulthood

Published in Violence and Victims, this article highlights having an abusive father figure in the home results in worse outcomes for women who have no father figure in the home.

self protect.pdf

Use of self Defense strategies

A useful tool in court cases, this publication reflects the use of self protection strategies in intimate partner violence incidences.

Relationship between childhood experiences and alcohol misuse

Before the ACEs study was released, we were also examining the effect of childhood experiences and alcohol misuse.


Counselor Magazine Article

We were honored that our work using the Iowa Model was highlighted in this widely read magazine for substance use diosrder professionals.

Coordinator_Manual Alaska_rev.pdf

coordinator's manual

This abbreviated manual is one of the many that we published that outlines the process of the Iowa Model to service integration.

Blue Sky A Goup Curriculum_rev21.pdf

Blue Sky Curriculum

Written by our partners at Waypoint and ASAC in Cedar Rapids while working with us, this is a wonderful place to start or use for supplementing your own integrated group.

We are featured in a 2020 Rewired article highlighting the lack of national response to integrated care despite the high need.