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One-time presentations:  From plenary to keynote, one-hour to several days, Barb and Megan are passionate about opportunities to educate on a variety of integrated service topics.  Since 2001, Barb and Megan have experience speaking in state, national and international conferences (vitaes available upon request).  Want over 45 years of combined experience?  A model of victim service and substance abuse professionals working together?  Ask for a team presentation!

Train the traniner: Be an agent of change using an award-winning model.  Learn evidence based strategies for integrating services and community organization in your area.  Victim service and treatment professionals gather for an intensive training on the dynamics of victimization experiences and substance use disorders, how to facilitate trainings on these topics in their service area and strategies for community organization and services in this unique area of integration.

Training and Ongoing Support for Community Organization:  For our most motivated sites, this two-year service includes train the trainer plus more intensive consultation and technical assistance from Barb and Megan during the community organization and service integration process.  Technical assistance includes monthly phone consultations, annual on-site visits and access to national technical assistance meetings.

How can we help you? Would you like a unique service to better address your community's needs? Contact Barb and Megan for a free consultation to discuss how we can best serve you and your community.

Grant Writing Support:  Would you like to hire our team but not sure how to fund it?  Speak with our grant writing consultant, Bill Downs, for assistance.  He has been writing and administering grants through universities and human service agencies since 1979 with a success rate of approximately two-thirds approval.  As a co-founder of the service integration project in Iowa, he is passionate about assisting communities with their own service integration programs.